Saturday, February 21, 2009

HGTV Dream Home

Jake and I have been working so hard to win this for the past 2 months. When I say working, I mean: me entering myself, my mom, and my dad in the daily online entry (you're only allowed to enter once a day) and Jake did about a million hand written entries. Ok, not a million, but let's just say that the postal service is not going to have to reduce their work week to 5 days b/c of us. We know that our chances are still very slim, but we are so excited and hopeful that we will win. We're not sure yet what we would do if we won. Our ultimate goal is to move to northern CA so that Jake can start his own business and the house is in northern CA, but is about an hour away from where we need to be. So we're not really making any decisions until we get the call saying we won ;) Keep your fingers crossed for us. And watch HGTV on March 15th to see if we won!

1 comment:

uselesslyclever said...

it has a wraparound porch. oh so fancy.