Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bay to Breakers 2011


To Breakers

Before the race





And Crowds...

This race was INSANE! I have never witnessed, much less participated, in an event like this one. Wild and crazy does not even begin to explain this legendary foot race. The costumes were amazing, the nakedness was plentiful, and the energy was immeasurable. We were definitely in the thick of the race and were surrounded by people for the entire 7.46 miles. It was a slow race because of all the people, but like the trail run I did a few months ago, time is NOT an issue during this race. It's alllll about the experience.

There were live bands, spectators in costumes, and stereo systems blaring from homes along the course. There was not a single second that I thought "I wish this was almost over." Okay, well maybe during an uphill climb in an early part of the race, but after that it was smooth sailing.

We ended in Golden Gate Park and picked up our awesome medals.

(Jake did not want to pose with his medal)

I'm so glad we did this race. It was something I wanted to experience just one time, but after doing it, I'm hooked. We're already trying to think of costumes to wear next year. Suggestions are welcome. We will most likely be running with some friends. I'm going to encourage everyone I know to do this at least once in their lifetime.

P.S. Some non-pictured craziness:

A huge "school of fish" swimming upstream (against the crowd)
A runner in metal armor with a spear and shield
Old, naked men
A group of spectators that were painted blue and dressed like smurfs. I thought it was extra impressive that non runners went to so much trouble with their costumes.

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M3 said...

How about, "Come on down!" Bob Barker and his infamous 'contestant'? ;)

Seriously, this looks like it is so much fun! I'll have to be a spectator one of these years.