Saturday, May 7, 2011

Snoopy's Home Ice

Oh how I wish I'd taken my fancy camera on our outing today. It was a momentous occasion: Jake's first time to go ice skating!!! He did a fabulous job, but I have little photographic evidence of the actual skating because my unfancy camera doesn't like dim lighting and quick moving objects :( However, I hope you enjoy the few pictures we did get to document the event.

Snoopy's Home Ice is in Santa Rosa and it is awesome. This was my first clue of its awesomeness:

Charlie Brown + the jersey number of my all time favorite hockey player= best thing ever!

AND Snoopy fed me cookies! I didn't even need to go inside. I was already having the best time. They had a web came set up outside so we called my parents so they could see me and Snoopy hanging out. They also had them inside so they were able to watch us skate around!

Oh wait, this day is about Jake. Almost forgot! Here he is putting on his first pair of ice skates!

And here is an awkward picture of us with half smiles.

It should also be noted that we were the only adults there without kids. Well, except this one creepy guy that was hugging himself while he skated. We were also the only adults hanging onto the side of the rink for the first few times around the ice. No shame.

Jake can skate! So proud!

Quote of the day: "If I were a better skater, I would totally be ice dancing to this song!" -Jake

We had so much fun and will definitely make a return trip.

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