Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Royal Birthday #27

Monday marked my 27 years of life. So old. Jake worked hard to make me feel like Cinderella/Princess Kate. I woke up the morning of May 2nd to find this:

What more could a girl ask for? He definitely spoils me. For dinner we went to Jole, a farm to table restaurant in Calistoga. It was SO delicious, but they definitely focus on quality over quantity so if you go there then plan on having a snack before or after.

On the Saturday before my b-day my in-laws took us to the Blue Wing Saloon at the Tallman Hotel. We were able to take a tour of the hotel after dinner and it was beautiful! It's only about 2o minutes from our house, but I want to go stay there for the weekend. After dinner and the tour we went to play Bingo. No winners, but it was fun.

I received many wonderful gifts from friends and family, but I only took pictures of the items found in a flat rate box from my mom. She spoiled me too.

The Dexter book and t-shirt were from my sister. She'll definitely want credit for these awesome gifts ;)

It was a wonderful b-day thanks so all of my friends and family. They're pretty much the best ever.

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M3 said...

Sweet, sweet, Jacob. He forever amazes me. :)