Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bay To Breakers Weekend

We're headed to San Fran today to participate in the 100th Bay to Breakers on Sunday. Today is the expo so we must go early to ensure we get our t-shirt and other free stuff.

The race is a 12k (about 7.5 miles) but I don't intend to take the running part very seriously. I intend to take pictures while running and to just enjoy all the craziness of 55,000 people in costumes (or no clothes at all). In addition to the 55,000 runners, they're estimating around 100,000 spectators. This thing is huge!

Unfortunately, this is the first year where alcohol and floats are banned. I'm a little disappointed, not because I wanted to drink or ride on a float, but I totally want to see other people doing these things. I'm sure it will still be exciting, and probably a little safer than years past.

I'll be back soon with lots of pictures!

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