Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Big News-Revealed!

So now that pretty much everyone knows AND we've both given our notices at work, I can reveal that our big news is that we're moving to California! On July 31st (also my mom's b-day) we will be driving away from the 110+ degree weather here in middle of the desert. Jake is starting his own fire sprinkler business and I will...well that has yet to be determined. Let's just say that we're moving to a small area with very few jobs. To elaborate...even if the economy was spectacular, there STILL wouldn't be an abundance of jobs. I'm trying my hardest to remain positive that something will come along. Please cross your fingers for me! And if you happen to know of any openings in the Lake County area then let me know. This has been a dream of Jake's for years and so I'm happy that it's finally happening. We're also very excited to be near his family (and the location of our wedding). So I'm sure you're all just dying to know what the new name of the blog will be since "Life in Las Vegas" will no longer be applicable. The new name will be "Life in Lake County" and will debut on August 1st (or soon after when I have internet access and time). Stay tuned for a post about the few things in Las Vegas that I will actually miss :)


Anonymous said...

Normally a mother would be heartbroken to hear that her daughter was moving even further away, but this mama is so very happy for you, Jake and your upcoming move. If you can't be near one family, then by all means, be close to another. There is a huge amount of comfort in knowing that you are going, home. :)

I proud of the accomplishments you've both made; try to not fret the next stage of development/job search. What is meant to happen, will, but you have to have faith that it comes when it is suppose to, and not as we try to plan it.


CaryS said...

I was going to suggest that you apply at the library (you have a college degree, good technical skills, an inquiring mind, etc.), but then I looked at the library's website. Maybe not such a good idea (they seem to have very limited hours), but maybe worth exploring......