Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our Last Night in Las Vegas

Well...we finally made it! Everything is packed and we're ready to head out in the morning, but first I have to recap our evening. Our last night in LV is one that I will always remember thanks to my future father in law and our wonderful friends. For your amusement, I'll begin this recap from the very beginning of the day. We woke up early to pack the last few things into the trailer and to clean before the carpet cleaning people arrived. We worked super hard and were exhausted by noon (the time the carpet people were scheduled to arrive). So we're waiting and waiting and about 12:30 Jake called to see where they were. They were running behind and promised to be here within 30-45 minutes. Well that didn't happen so Jake called back and they said they could arrive between 3 & 4. That made us angry so after several phone calls Jake finally found someone that was available today. So they came, did their stuff, we went to Jake's hair appointment and then back home for a few minutes before we were supposed to meet Jake's dad for dinner at Paris. My friend Christina (bridesmaid/high school bff/invitation designer) happened to be in town for her brother's b-day so she made plans to join us as well. While walking through the parking garage we noticed my friend Kim driving her car and she stopped to talk to us. I jokingly asked if she was here to eat dinner with us and she said yes. I was a bit confused, but excited to see her. Well, come to find out, future father in law called Kim and Jake's BFF to get all of our good friends together for dinner! It was fabulous and we were so excited to see everybody one last time. It's time to rest up now for the long drive tomorrow, but check back soon...the blog will have a new name the next time I write!

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Margie said...

That future father-in-law is a KEEPER! Seriously. The man is always doing something special for someone.

I'm glad you had a wonderful last evening in L.V. Aunt C. called today to see if you were on your way to your new home.

Mom #1,#2