Monday, August 3, 2009

Quick Update

We're here! Here's a quick update in bullet form because I'm too tired to construct a paragraph that makes sense:

  • The house is such a mess and there's so much to do, but it's coming along!
  • We've been staying with Jake's parents the past few nights, but we'll probably stay at our house tonight. Their house is just so cozy and ours is so dirty and in shambles.
  • Our dryer doesn't work :(
  • We have grapes growing in our backyard!
  • We've had a lot of fun visiting with Jake's family
  • Today was Jake's first day at work!
  • We don't have cable set up at the house yet so it's really boring
  • We really need a couch!
  • I love that our house is entirely wood floors, but they get dirty so quickly
  • The weather is AMAZING and perfect for running
  • I plan on getting a disposable camera soon so I can show everyone pictures!
  • We probably won't be getting the internet hooked up at our house so my internet addiction will have to die down a bit.


Mom #1, #2 said...

I may just have to learn wine-making. Not for the beverage part of it, but for the 'let me add it to my list of fun things to do when I visit'...:)

No Internet? How do you manage? Please get a connection BEFORE I visit, or ask if I can have a key to the office. I'll dust and vacuum as a trade.

Dang! Grandma got a camera; where is your father when you need him? Oh...that's right, he's saving up so he can give you away. ;)

Wood floors? Girl, did you NOT learn that lesson living off of Vicksburg? (put some batteries on my granddaughters tail and let her go a few rounds; she'll probably be as good as my Roomba). ;)

Well, I don't run, and half of the time I don't walk, but I sure could do with some cool and AMAZING weather~!

No dryer...toss those clothes atop the grapes. Moisure will probably assist in my new venture of good grapes=good wine. Just think, a lovely aroma of Chardonney (I can't even spell it correctly..I'll learn later after we have a good vintage), rather than Downey. I'm sure when Jake visits clients they will think nothing at all about it. Now that smile on his face will be the real talk, but that's an entirely different story. ;)

A couch...hmmm, have I never told you the story of the apartment and the chaise recliner with webbing, the one 'meant' for a patio? Worked rather well, especially when we had visitors. We fought like dogs seeing who could claim it first.

Jacob's first day of work. Such a good employee :) ... FIVE STARS to you, Jacob!

Your first night in your new home? Fun, fun, fun! You will toss and turn all night whilst you try to figure out: "What is that noise? What was that? Did YOU hear that TOO? Who lived here before us? How old is THIS place? What happened to those that came before us? Is there something we should know about, but folks are holding out on us? Why is the cat so scared? Why am I so scared? Why are YOU hiding under the covers?

....and who was that strange person that wrote this post under my mothers name?


Welcome Home, Honey's!

Anonymous said...

The 'noises' must have been overwhelming. We haven't received an update.

Pray tell, did the cat pack her, "Hello Kitty" bag, and take a hike?

How many times did Jacob scream, "Cat, be QUIET!"

and, last, but never least...can I lend you some closet space?

...okay, I'll go away, now....

Mom #1, #2