Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One Month Away!

The time has flown! I feel like I should be busy doing wedding stuff, but I really can't think of anything to do. Actually, I have one craft project to do, but it's top secret so I can't talk about it. Yesterday I spent the day painting canvas bags. The bags will be used for out of town bags for our traveling guests and they will also hold the bridal party gifts. It was a fun project and I'd post pictures if I could, but since I can't I guess you'll have to wait until the wedding to see them! I'm so anxious for my friends and family to get here. I can't wait to see everyone. I haven't seen most of my Texas friends and family since the end of February so a visit is long over due.

Speaking of the wedding, have I mentioned lately that my future husband is the most wonderful person in the world? He's always doing nice things for me, but today I came home to the biggest surprise that I've had in a long time. I walked in our living room today to find this:

No, not a random lady hanging around, a sofa and loveseat!! If you know me at all then you know that this is pretty much the greatest day of my life. I've been begging for a real couch for the past 2 and a half years. When Jake and I were talking about getting engaged he asked if I'd rather have a ring or a couch and I honestly had to think about it for a few minutes. In case you weren't fortunate enough to see our lovely furniture in Las Vegas, then let me paint you a mental image....imagine a lovely futon that had a mattress that was as hard as a rock and that would refuse to stay in a couch like position, thus always having a mattress that was sagging all the way to the ground and not attractive in any way. Oh, and let's not even talk about the workout required to remove the mattress cover for cleaning. I'm sweating just from thinking about it. That's not all though. We also had a lovely faded denim loveseat. I was not a big fan of the denim though so I put a slip cover on it. It was the slip cover from hell. It would move out of position any time someone sat down and I was VERY OCD about having it tucked in and looking somewhat presentable. Oh wait, I almost forgot to mention that the cover was practically torn to shreds from our little Sydney. Yes, the whole living room set was quite the ensemble. We sold both items on Craigslist before we left so our living room here in CA has been completely empty until today! Well I must be going now because I want to go home and enjoy my new living room.


Margie said...

That furniture is so pretty, a neutral color that will allow you to decorate and accessorize to your hearts desire.
Jacob, he is simply, THE BEST!

You kids enjoy your new treats. I remember getting my first couch. I was as happy as you. :)

Anonymous said...

There is no way that Jake will keep that random woman on the couch. She has no spark, exudes a rather cold exterior, as is as bland as her choice for wall color. YUCK!

Margie said...

I agree with Margie. That woman has a wall-flower exterior!