Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weekend in the Big City

I had a wonderful birthday weekend! I was so tired by Sunday evening though that I fell asleep before 8:00. The fun times started on Saturday when I went to a friend's bridal shower in Santa Rosa. It was such a great party that included wonderful food and wonderful people. We ate outside and the weather was amazing. I don't have any pictures from that besides the gift that I gave the bride to be. She met her future husband (Jake's bff from high school) during college and they moved to Brooklyn after they graduated. Then they moved to San Francisco less than a year ago so that Tim could start law school (hence the reason for the 2 bridges).

After the shower Jake and I headed down to San Fran. When I walked into the inn the inn keeper told me that my grandparents had called and paid for our room as a birthday present!!! It was so exciting. The inn keeper showed me around the place and I fell in love (Jake was still looking for a parking spot). Here are some pictures of the room:

We rested for a few minutes and then walked to Haight st. It was only a block away so we walked around and enjoyed people watching and walking by the unique stores. We left from Haight to go meet Tim, Jill, Tim's mom, Jill's mom and Tina (Tim's brother's girlfriend) for dinner at Rocco's. Rocco's is a Triple D restaurant! We even met Rocco!! Well, it was actually Rocco's grandson or something, but he runs the place. The food was great! We had to wait a long time to actually eat, but it was worth it.

Jake found this hydrant outside of the restaurant. He was impressed by how large it was so he wanted his pictured taken with it.

On Sunday we woke up early and ate the wonderful breakfast that the inn provided. They had quiche, fruit, a big cheese plate, and all sorts of baked goods. Then we headed downtown to do some shopping. Old Navy was having a big sale so I found a few bargains. I also went into my beloved Anthropologie, but they were not having any sales so I just browsed and tried on like 5 different dresses that I wanted, but did not buy. After our shopping spree we headed down to the Giants game.

This is the reason I went to the game:

They were sooooo good. The game was not so good though. The Giants were 4-0 by the 5th or 6th inning so we decided to head home. Like I said earlier, I was exhausted and fell asleep shortly after we made it home. Thank you to everyone that made my birthday so wonderful!

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Margie said...

Your weekend sounded like loads of fun. I'm glad you were able to see beautiful, Jill. The painting you did for her and Tim is especially poignant! I really like the theme. Each time I look at it I discover something, missed. The globe really impressed me.

Did you send me a box of those fries?
Your's and Jacob's room is out of a magazine. It looks cozy and warm, extra-special. Grandma and Grandpa scored a winning game on that one.
Sorry about the Giants. Next game?
Yeah, next game! ;)