Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Shoes

As previously mentioned, my parents sent me some $$$ for my birthday and I used it to buy some running shoes. I'm especially excited about this pair because they're the newer model of the ones I've been buying for the past year and a half. Some time during training for my first 1/2 marathon I visited a running store in Las Vegas. We knew someone that worked there and she told us that they video tape your feet while running on a treadmill and then recommend certain shoes based on how you run. The video indicated that my right foot over pronates...or maybe it under pronates, I don't remember. Anyway, they recommended a couple pairs and I decided to go with the Asic Kayano 15.

Since that day I've continuously purchased the exact same pair over and over. I've seriously lost count. I go through them so quickly though that I really need new ones every 2-3 months. It was great when I could go to the store in Las Vegas and get a discount from our friend, but since we no longer live in Las Vegas I'm forced to purchase them online. I've found that the cheapest place to purchase them is They are always MUCH cheaper than any other place, but the only negative is that you don't get to choose the color of the shoes. I couldn't care less what color they are though so I don't have a problem with it at all.

I've been waiting to try the new model (Kayano 16) for a while now. The last time I purchased the Kayano 15 online they were just about to come out with the new model, but I couldn't wait so I went with the fifteens. Then, the next time I purchased them I bought them at Sports Authority because I had a gift card. The new model had been released by that time, but the fifteens were much cheaper so I went with those again. Then, when I went to search for them online a few days ago I found the fifteens for really cheap, but didn't purchase them right away. I went back a couple days later to buy them, but my size was gone :( I did some more research though and found that had the new ones for just a little more than most places had the old ones. Really, only about $10 more!! I was so excited so I made the purchase and I'm happy to announce that my new shoes arrived today! I haven't tried them on yet, but they look so beautiful and I'm sure they won't disappoint me :) Here's a picture for my mom because she wants to know what they look like:

My next race is May 23rd so I'll report back after that and let you know if I love them as much as the old ones.

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