Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sunday in San Fran

We traveled down to the big city last Sunday to see my friend Erin. She lives in Las Vegas, but came to town with one of her friends. They were in town Sunday through Wednesday, but being the working girl that I am, Sunday was the only time I could go down and see her. It was POURING rain and we got soaked walking around town, but it was worth it to see such a good friend. Before we met up with her though we stopped at a Triple D diner! We had to wait over an hour in line just to get in, but it was most definitely worth the wait. We both had this southwestern open faced omelet thing that was to die for. The picture definitely does not do it any justice. Everyone should go there right now and try it (just be prepared to wait)!

After we ate we met Erin and her friend in Union Square and did some shopping. Well we did some "looking" because none of us bought anything.

When we ventured into the mega huge Macy's and got off on the 6th floor I almost peed my pants when I saw this display!!

It's OUR china! Displayed in the most magnificent way! My photography skills must have been lacking that day because, once again, this picture does not do the display any justice. I seriously wanted to take the whole thing and put it in my house. P.S. I discovered that the pattern also includes the most adorable salt and pepper shakers. You can buy them for me if you want.

Well that concludes our day of fun in San Francisco. We're going again in a couple weeks for my b-day weekend. Plans include attending a Giants game and possibly a tour of Alcatraz! And I'm sure we'll squeeze in at least one more Triple D restaurant!


Brittany Ann said...

I love that china! My friend registered and received the same one!

Margie said...

That display looks like something you would have created, Megs!

Remember when you dreamed of being a window designer? Yeah. I haven't forgotten. ;)