Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Coughing and a New Job Role

I've been sick for a whole week now and don't seem to be getting any better :( I just purchased my favorite cough drops with hope that they would cure everything, but unfortunately they did not. They did make me feel like a little girl again though. My mom used to buy them for me all the time (even when I wasn't sick). I was so excited when I found them at the store today. I was a little disappointed that they weren't available in the little white box. I made an appointment to see the doctor on Friday. Jake thinks I'm crazy for going to see the doctor for this, but the constant coughing is really getting on my nerves so I hope they can give me something to make me better.

I need to be all better by next week because I'm starting some new things at my Safe Schools job! I will be working with kids (kindergarten- 3rd grade) 3 days a week doing a program called EMHI (early mental health initiative). The program basically teaches kids how to deal with different emotions in a constructive manner. It involves puppets, crafts, games and other activities that sound like a lot of fun so I'm super excited! Unfortunately I won't be able to volunteer at the after school program due to the hours I'll be working, but I'm sure the new kiddos will be able to provide me with plenty of entertainment. I'm a little worried about how my new hours will work with my furniture store job too. I work there tomorrow though so hopefully my boss and I can figure something out. Stay tuned!


Desiree Stiles said...

Those are the best cough drops ever! You rock, because I thought that I was the only one over the age of 14 that liked them! Feel better soon!

Margie said...

I'm on a search to find those cough-drops in a box. I'll zip you some if I find them.


Hope you get to feeling better soon; get plenty of rest, drink loads of juice and rememeber the trick with the extra pillow.


Shelby Levesque said...

Get better soon!