Monday, April 5, 2010

Ace Ventura Pet Purrrrfect

(I stole this photo from my mom)

is the name of our first family pet. We got him from some family friends that rescued him from some boys that were throwing him against a wall. I heard from my family a few hours ago. They called to say that he had to be put down. He was 16 years old so I suppose it shouldn't be too surprising, but he was in great shape until last night so it's still a big shock. My mom said he was having trouble breathing so she took him to the vet this morning and eventually they decided he either had congestive heart failure or a tumor in his lung. Either way, they decided it would be best to let him go. I'm glad he didn't have to suffer long, but I still wish there had been time to say goodbye.

My family is oddly attached to all of our pets. Most people do not understand, but I feel it doesn't really need an explanation. They are all huge parts of our family and have brought so much happiness to our lives. When we lost one of our cats a couple of years ago I flew home right away, but I can't do that right now and it saddens me to not be there with my family. I know they're fine and will be okay without me, but I still feel like I should be there.

Like all of our pets, Ace was just so special. He had such a funny attitude and we imagined that if he'd been a human then he would have been an old British man. He always took good care of the other pets, but not when he was in plain site of any of the humans around. If we caught a glimpse of him grooming one of the other pets he'd quickly turn away and pretend to not have anything to do with them. If he noticed that the family dog wanted to come in from being outside he would stand at the door and meow. He loved attention and to be loved on, but only if he happened to be in the mood at that very moment. Otherwise he'd let you know by a quick snap at your hand that he didn't want to be bothered. He loved to roam the backyard, but never left the confines of the fence. He once put my mom in the hospital after she tried to give him a bath. He got scared, bit her arm, it caused an infection and she had to be there for a whole week. We never held that against him though. He was our rock. We always knew that he'd be there for us when we needed him. We will miss him dearly, but we will forever be grateful to have been in his presence for so many years. Align Center


miltay said...

that was perfect, toph. When I had some alone time with him i told him that you loved him very much and that you wish that you could be there, I'm sure he understood, or least he does now. He loved you very much too.

smile steady said...

Aww, so sorry. We are exactly the same way with pets in our family. I drove down to be with my mom when her great dane passed away last month. You seem to be in good spirits, though!

Margie said...

I never worry about folks that can't fathom why we love our pets as we do. But I do hope that they will one day be as blessed.

Our lives were enriched beyond measure, and each of us will forever remember what a gift he was. I'll bet he felt the same.