Thursday, April 29, 2010

Garden Update

It froze last night :( Stupid Lake County. It's almost May. It should NOT be freezing. -1 point for you. We think we lost the basil, but it's too soon to tell about the other plants. says it's going to be 38 degrees tonight. Yesterday it said the low would be 39 degrees so there's a chance things will get really bad.

In happier news...Tuesday was the season premier of the Hills and the City. Kristen, from the Hills, was shown wearing an Eskimo Joe's Hoodie! It was the navy blue one. I also saw someone at the Olive Festival a few weeks wearing an Eskimo Joe's t-shirt.
I always wonder how people come across them. I realize you can order online and everything, but the chances of people actually being in Stillwater, OK are very slim so I feel a small connection to people I see wearing them outside of Oklahoma or Texas. It makes me miss the cheese fries and the spicy blackened chicken sandwich. And it makes me miss college. And it makes me miss home because my mom is in love with the Eskimo Joe's cups.


Margie said...

Meggars, do as I do: When I see someone wearing the logo I simply walk up and tell them, "I LOVE Joe's too!" It's always fun to learn how they came to know Joe's. One day I met a woman in Market Street, after I bragged about my daughter attending OSU she told me, "Oh, I never went to school there, but I did grow up in Stillwater." Evidently it was a family favorite for dining on those legendary cheese fries!

The shirts are everywhere these days. Word is out! ;)


Jacob said...

Stupid Lake County?

Don't be a "Nay" sayer.

Jacob said...

Eskimo Joe's wear is the number 2 best selling restaurant clothing line behind Hard Rock Cafe.

megankl said...

really?? I noticed you wore my sweatshirt today. Did you feel extra cool knowing that Kristen has one too? I would have.

Margie said...

When the two of you come to visit we will have to go north for lunch.

P.S. Can you come by noon, tomorrow?