Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Garden Is Complete!

Jake spent most of the weekend putting his green thumb to good use. He went to the store and purchased all the plants he wanted in the garden and planted away. There's a wide variety of tomatoes, peppers, and herbs. I'm so excited for everything to start growing!!

Jake is holding up a plant to make it look like a "green thumb." He's silly.

We're hoping that it doesn't freeze any time over the next few weeks. The man that mows our lawn said he doesn't usually plant until at least the first week of May so we're just going to cross our fingers. Even though the daytime temps are in the 70s or 80s it still gets really cold at night. Jake joked about putting an alarm outside that alerts you if the temperature gets to a certain point, but he values his sleep too much to actually go outside and do anything about the frozen plants. This whole thing reminds me of the movie A Walk in the Clouds with Keanu Reeves. They have a situation with the grapes freezing and everyone makes a mad dash outside to keep them warm. Keanu kicks over a lantern though and sends the whole vineyard up in flames. Very sad.

I'll post more pictures once the peppers start growing!

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Margie said...

My garden has been planted for about a month...none, and I do mean, NONE, of my plants are that big! I do have a bumper crop of some weed though; it appears to be nuclear-infused. I'm hoping they are actually sunflowers that have re-seeded themselves. If not, I need that lantern Keanu felled.