Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Bike Ride

Jake and I have very nice bikes, but we never ride them. I've been wanting to go for a ride for a while now and we finally had the perfect opportunity today. The weather was gorgeous and my only complaint is that the grapevines and the trees aren't in bloom yet because that would have made the ride even more beautiful. I'll be sure to take the camera out again once everything is blooming.

Every time Jake saw poppies he would say "poppies" in the Wicked Witch voice from the Wizard of Oz.

If anyone finds a jersey with a studly man on it please send it my way so that Jake and I can look ridiculous together.

We want to live here. We actually drive out of our way quite often just to see this house. It has a vineyard next door and it looks out over the vineyard in the picture below (it's also close to the little airport in Kelseyville and since Jake thinks he's going to own a plane one day this would be a perfect location for us).

We also stopped at a historical landmark during our journey.

That pretty much wraps up our adventure. I wish it was always spring time. Can someone please make that happen?


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P.S. This is your co-pilot, speaking.

Meggars, I plan on renovating the barn. How close will I be living to my grandchildren?

I have plans to plant a cottage garden. Send me a book on local flora, will ya? I want to be ready.


Virginia Belle said...

I just found your cute blog and am now a follower. The bike ride looked like a lot of fun!