Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Pilot!

Jacob earned his private pilot's license today! He's been working so hard an it's finally paid off. I'm so proud of him and can't wait to go flying with him. The instructor that administered his test was very impressed with his flying skills so I'm not worried at all. He plans to continue flying and eventually become a certified flight instructor so he can teach our kids to fly. He can teach them to fly, but I'm going to teach them to drive :)

In other awesome we had a taco eating contest and I won. Taco Bell offers crunchy tacos for 39 cents on Sunday. I bought 30. Jake ate 7, but I ate 11! I took pictures of the event but my camera decided to die so they cannot be posted. And when I say "die" I don't mean that the batteries died, I mean the entire camera just stopped working. It's a sad day. The camera took wonderful pictures, but it just got old :(

It's been a very exciting day and we both just woke up from naps. Time to be productive!

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Margie said...

We are so proud of Jake!!!!! I can't wait to be a passenger and soar amongst the clouds with him as my pilot. I am still smiling since his phone call. Oh happy day. :)