Sunday, March 27, 2011

Napa Valley Trail Run

This was my first trail run, well unless you count the old high school cross country days, but I can tell you with confidence: cross country was NOT the same. I had visions of running down dirt paths in a state park, but this was no "dirt path" running. This was hiking up a mountain and occasionally jogging on parts of the path that were safe enough to do so. It was awesome.

I ran the 10k, but they also had a marathon and a half marathon going on. I have NO idea how anyone could complete this half marathon, much less the full marathon, but they did and I was impressed.

It has been raining cats and dogs the past few weeks and most of the course involved running through several inches of mud. I cannot believe that I didn't fall down, though I came close more than once. There were also fallen trees to climb over and raging streams and rivers to cross. One was so extreme that people partnered up and held hands while crossing. I've definitely never needed to hold hands with someone during a race before. But the thing is, this wasn't really a "race". It was pretty impossible to pass people during most of it because the path was so narrow. But even if you could pass people, you probably wouldn't need or want to. It was nice to have people in front to guide the way. Also, nobody worries about how long it takes to finish because it's impossible to compare to any other race. While some road races are more challenging than others, it's completely different than hiking up a mountain and dealing with so many obstacles.

I loved running this thing and I can't wait to do another. Unfortunately, most of these races only allow for a couple hundred people and the ones within a two hour radius of where I live have already filled up so I might have to wait until next year to do another one. I'll definitely be on the lookout though.

Don't let this paved path fool you. This was the end of the race and only a small portion was paved.

I bought these shoes specifically for this race because they are made for trail running. I might need to clean them off a bit before the next race.


M3 said...

Way to go, M1; WTG!!!!

Jayme said...

Way to go! My hubby convinced me to try trail races a few years ago, and I became hooked.

Don't you feel TOUGH when you end a race covered in mud like that??? Keep it up!