Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend Review

We had really exciting plans this weekend to go to Alameda. We were going to go to a huge flea market that they have the first Sunday of each month, the pinball museum, and a Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives location, but then we saw that rain was in the forecast for today. I'm assuming that rainy flea markets are not super fun so we changed our plans and decided our day of fun would be moved to Saturday and instead of Alameda we went to Santa Rosa.

I had to get some new running shoes and I needed some more vegan margarine from Whole Foods. My vegan margarine shopping turned into my weekly shopping trip though. I just couldn't resist all of the pretty organic vegetables!

On our way down to SR we stopped at the Salvation Army and I found a lot of goodies.

From left to right: Adidas running pants, American Eagle sweater, skirt from Talbots, Banana Republic tank top, khaki pants from Express, and a sweater from St. Johns.

I also found this cute bird picture. I have a huge thing for birds in terms of home decor, but I really really don't like birds in real life. They scare me. They just seem so unpredictable and could attack at any time.

Guess how much all of this cost? $30.75!!! Yep, awesome. This made me feel less guilty about all the money I spent on running shoes and Whole Foods groceries ;) Speaking of food, go to later today (mom still has to post her results) to see our latest dish: Three Spiced Potatoes

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M3 said...

SCORE! Too much fun, every bit of it. I know you loved the clothes shopping. I wish I had been a little bird in your pocket. I could have scored a few bits myself. ;)

Love the pic, too. Oh, and the food. :)