Monday, March 28, 2011

Pear Festival Poster Entry

Remember when I talked about taking pictures for a painting I was going to do? Well, I finally finished it! Just in time too...the deadline to enter the poster contest is April 1st.

I'm excited to drop this off and be done with it. As much as I enjoy painting, I really haven't had the energy to work on this very much. Somebody (some puppy) has been keeping me up all night and working on this has been kind of low on my list of priorities. But now I can veg out in front of the television every night and not feel guilty. Actually, I have a couple other craft projects to work on so I'm sure I'll stay busy. Cross your fingers for me!

1 comment:

M3 said...

I really like this, M1. I had the chance to enlarge the photo. This should be the winner. Yes, I'm biased, but the colors, details and charm of this lovely place have been captured. Kudos to you!