Sunday, January 23, 2011

Busy Weekend

Here's a list of everything we've accomplished this weekend:


Gave Zulu a bath

Went to Ukiah (to Michael's to pick up some craft supplies and then to Quizno's for lunch)

Stopped by Safeway on the way home to pick up a bunch of pears

Went to take pictures in a pear orchard. Maybe I should explain all this "pear" talk. I'm going to enter a painting in the poster contest for the Pear Festival, but I needed some inspiration.

Went home because I got a brilliant idea of what I wanted to do for my painting, but it required a wardrobe change.

Took Zulu on another walk

(more Zulu pics will be up tomorrow)

Went to the in-law's house to pick up some memorabilia from my father in law. He's hired me to sell some items on Ebay.

Went back to the grocery store to do the regular grocery shopping. I didn't have my list with me when we went for the pears and it was ridiculously busy at that time so I'm glad I didn't attempt to get everything we needed.

Came home, made dinner, and then I think I just watched television the rest of the night while messing with itunes/ipod


Went for a run and then walked Zulu

Jake hung some pictures

Cleaned the house. We also went through cabinets and got rid of a bunch of stuff. This was a major undertaking and Jake is still putting stuff away in the garage.

I made my meal for the other blog

And now I need to take the puppy for another walk, finish the laundry, then figure out how to post items on Ebay

I would be sad that Monday is almost here, but I'm leaving on Tuesday for San Diego (work conference) so I'm kind of excited for the week to begin.

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Margie said...

That puppy is growing so fast!

I love the pic of J in his garden. lol.

Can't wait to see your painting. I want a copy, too.