Monday, January 17, 2011

Puppy in the Park

* Disclaimer: Yes, I realize this blog is ALLLL about our new puppy, but she completely dominates our life right now so I have very little to write about. Once she is more trained and we can leave her on her own for longer periods of time, then I might have more to write about. But until then, just enjoy her adorable little face!

We took Zulu on her first trip to the state park on Sunday. We've had unseasonably warm temps the past few days and we took full advantage. Zulu had a wonderful time and I'm excited for our next trips (which won't be too often because it's $8 each time you enter the park).

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Margie said...

I tried leaving a comment, but the system didn't take it again,, let me try again....

Is she ready to move to Texas?