Sunday, January 2, 2011

So much to say, so little time....

We got back from Texas a few days ago and I have to much to report, but the absolute most exciting thing in our life right now is this little girl...

Her name is Zulu (as in Alpha, Charlie, Bravo....Zulu-from the pilot alphabet). She's a goldendoodle. Her mom was a golden retriever and her dad was a black poodle. They were both around 60 lbs. so she should grow to be that size as well.

Here's how it all happened....

A few days before we left for Texas, Jake got on this kick about getting a dog. I played along while he researched endlessly on the computer to find the right dog for us. He settled on the goldendoodle for several reasons.

1. They grow the be a pretty big size.
2. They're really smart.
3. They don't have many of the ailments that a full bread dog has.
4. They're very sociable.
5. They don't shed (oddly enough, this was one of his biggest concerns. I guess he's tired of hearing me complain about the cat fur all the time)

Jake tends to get excited about things for a while and then the excitement will fade away so I really didn't think too much about his sudden fascination with dogs.

Little did I know...

We were on our way back to California and I reached into one of our carry on bags to get Jake's sweatshirt out. As I was pulling it out he said "there's something in there." It was a dog collar with the name Zulu on it. I thought "oh that's cute, he's really trying to butter me up about this dog thing." I put it back in the bag and then decided I wanted to see it again. I asked him to hand it to me and he said "do you want to see our new dog instead?" I was confused, and honestly, a bit upset that he'd just gone and purchased a dog without my consent. But then I saw her pictures and I fell in love. Head over heals in love.

He then told me that we had to drive back to the Sacramento airport the next day to pick her up. He'd purchased her from a farm in Oklahoma. We actually have a lot of guilt about purchasing a dog like this instead of rescuing one, but this kind of dog fits so many of the criteria that we were looking for and we're going to give her a wonderful home so I know it's for the best.

We picked her up on New Years Eve and we already adore her. She's definitely very "puppy" right now with all the biting and bladder issues, but she's only 10 weeks old so she's forgiven (for now). We have one 5x7 rug in our house full of wood floors and she decided the rug is her favorite place to potty. After accident number 2 I rolled up the rug. I will report back when the rug reappears. It will be a momentous day.

Well that's all for now, but I'll be back soon (probably with more pictures).


Annie said...

AW!! she is too cute and i LOVE her name!! ;)
i hope potty training goes quick and easy and the rug makes an appearance soon....enjoy your little pup :)

Margie said...

She is adorable! Jake, you picked a winner; I absolutely LOVE her. Now the hard part comes, I must learn how to edit two photo's into one. My screensaver depends upon it.

Enjoy, and, Happy New Year!

Ms. Polka Dottie said...


Skye said...

What a cutie!! Hope you get your rug back soon :)