Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Texas Pets

Just wanted to show off all of our pets in Texas. They are a big reason I miss being there. They're pretty much the best pets in the world (tied with ours of course).

The newest addition: Gilbert Grape. He's pretty wild and has to go to time out a lot, but I think my parents will keep him around.

Bridget: We think one of our neighbors moved away and left her behind. She started visiting our backyard a lot and we started leaving food and water out for her. My parents eventually caved and invited her inside. She's super sweet.

Hannah: Jake and I rescued her in Oklahoma from a sketchy guy that lived across the street from Jake. Don't worry, he gave her to us, we didn't steal her! I think we got her in March and then my mom agreed to watch her for the summer while I did an internship in CA and Jake stayed at a friend's house in OK to do summer school. Various circumstances prevented us from taking her back after the summer was over, but her and my mom were too attached to each other anyway ;)

This is the unnamed lizard that invaded our house one day while we were visiting. I was the only one freaked out by him. I begged everyone to dispose of him, but nobody would do it. So he stayed and I lost sleep over it because I was pretty sure he was going to crawl on me during the night. He didn't.


milTAY said...

I opened my closet 10 minutes ago and he was in there. AHHHHH

milTAY said...

I opened my closet 10 minutes ago and he was in there. AHHHHH

megankl said...

OH NO!! throw gilbert in there and see if he'll attack it. Otherwise you're going to wake up during the night to find it crawling in your mouth!

Margie said...

Mr. Geico is alive and flourishing as I type. He appears to be growing. My bet is that he found his way into the nests of those pesky ants that infested us this past summer and fall. I truly hope he keeps to his feast!
I'm warning Mr. Gilbert Grape about any transgressions towards Mr. Geico; Both Bridget and Hannah have heeded my warnings and know to be on the lookout for any nefarious activity Mr. Grape might engage in with our visitor. That little puff of fur may think it's okay chase the daylights out of the cat and the dog, but messing with Stiff-Brittles relations are entirely another matter!

Ashley Kate said...

Those are some sweet babies! :)