Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Random Tidbits of Information

* I got bored yesterday and signed Jake and I up for 2 races (with his approval and promise to actually train for them...we'll see)

Bay to Breakers 12k (about 7.5 miles) in San Fran. This race is a HUGE deal and it's the centennial race so it's bound to be extra cool. People dress up and go crazy. Alcohol used to be a big part of the race, but I think they're starting to crack down on that so it might not be too wild this year. I personally don't know how people can drink and run 7.5 miles, but to each their own I suppose.

Napa Valley Trail 10k This race has a marathon, half marathon and a 10k. It's my first trail run since my high school cross country days so I thought I'd take it easy with the shortest distance offered.

* I'm probably going to sign up for the Healdsburg Wine Country Half Marathon when registration opens. This is the one I wanted to do last year, but was full by the time I went to register so I ended up doing another one in Healdsburg.

Each time I'm running a half marathon I swear to myself that it's my last one. I don't know why I keep doing them! Still haven't gotten the urge to run another full marathon though.

* I'm going to San Diego later this month for a work conference and I'm so excited!

* I received a box of Christmas decorations from my mom yesterday. I got a few of them as gifts for Christmas and others were purchased at after Christmas sales when we were in TX. I guess all of them were gifts because my mom spoiled me and bought everything for me. See the item on the far left? That's the table runner from World Market that I wanted earlier in December. I found it for 50% off AND it was the last one in the store! And some of the ornaments are the ones from Anthropologie that I almost bought online before Christmas.


Ms. Polka Dottie said...

Ohhh! Love all that Christmasy stuff and on sale!

Sophie said...

haha i love that you said - "to actually run them" i am the same as you. i enter and then never actually run.
so happy i came across your blog, i love it - i am a new follower :) x