Saturday, January 29, 2011

San Diego

I had such a wonderful time in San Diego! I went for a work conference, but had plenty of time for other fun activities.

I woke up early on Wednesday morning to go running. It was during my run that I decided I needed to move to San Diego. I was going to call Jake to tell him about my plans, but instead, I just texted him this picture I snapped while running.

After the conference on Wednesday I met up with Jake's cousin. We had dinner downtown and then went to her house to meet her HUGE (but very sweet) dog. We had a lot of fun.

The conference was only half the day on Thursday so I had one of my friends pick me up as soon as it was over. He was my tour guide for the afternoon. I'd actually been to most of the places on previous trips to San Diego, but it's been a few years and everything was worth seeing again. We started with lunch at Tender Greens, an organic restaurant. We then went to Coronado and walked around. We went to the ferry landing, the Del Mar Hotel, and walked on the beach. It wasn't until Thursday afternoon that I regretted not taking my nice camera. Luckily I had my little one though so I was still able to get some pictures.

Next we headed to Balboa Park and walked around. We went into a couple museums and just enjoyed being outside in the beautiful weather.

We then headed to Old Town to walk around and then stopped for a couple drinks.

My eyes are closed in this picture, but it's the only one I have from Old Town, so pretend I look awesome.

Our last stop was El Indio for dinner. This was pretty much the reason I came to San Diego, well besides the conference I guess. I've written about it before. I picked up a bag of chips and wrapped up my San Diego trip. We left on Friday morning.

I want to go back right now.

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Margie said...

It doesn't matter when one travels in California, north, south, east or west, there is always something to see and enjoy.
I'm glad you enjoyed your visit.