Sunday, January 9, 2011

More Pet Photos

Nobody is going to get tired of seeing these, right? Okay great. I'll continue to post then....

Zulu has been with us for a little over a week now and I feel like I have a newborn and a toddler all in one. Not that I know what that actually feels like, but she's definitely a handful! She's so cute though so it's hard to get too upset over the loss of sleep and energy. But honestly, if children are MORE work than this, then I'm not sure I'll ever give birth.

Well, unless I can be guaranteed that the baby will turn out as cute as this:

She has something in her mouth at ALL times. And today she discovered the litter box...Oh, AND she doesn't mind the taste of bitter apple spray so that's been useless to us. Today I accidentally got some of it in my mouth and wow, it is GROSS. I don't know how she can stand it. But I guess if the litter box contents don't phase her, then why should this?

Poor Sydney, she still doesn't know what to think. I feel so bad for her. Zulu has gotten brave enough to chase Sydney around. And sometimes she'll do this thing where she gets right in front of her and basically jumps up and down. It's like she's taunting her with an "I'm not touching you, I'm not touching you" act. They are definitely siblings.

Mom, I'm tiiiiired of that dog and all her antics!

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coffeegrounded said...

Syd, this is grandma, to the rescue! I've mailed you a plane ticket. Leave the dog, leave the litter box. Set your sights on a new life, a new family, and a large dog...oops, perhaps I should have left that part out of the equation? Still, do not fret. The canine at this dog park is a teddy-bear. She'll share her toys and her two feline friends. Oops, times two! Perhaps I should claim the existence of only one feline. No, better yet, we can send that nefarious second feline to your mom and dad as a 'replacement' for you. I think Mr. Gilbert Grape is right up their alley, or more appropriately, Miss Zulu's. Their antics are about the same.