Thursday, August 25, 2011

An Afternoon in Healdsburg

It's funny how this blogging thing works....when I had a job that I was unhappy with, and thus not really loving life so much, I somehow found a lot to blog about. I think that I was trying to make my life appear better than it really was. Ironically, I'm still doing a lot of fun things (though not always on the weekends) but I feel less motivation to blog about them. This is partially because my new job really wears me out. I'm tired in a good way, but I barely have enough energy to make dinner at night, so blogging hasn't been a big priority.

On the other hand though, one of my biggest reasons for blogging is to keep my family up to date on our lives so I will try to make more of an effort to blog about the fun times I'm having (even if it's mostly work related these days).

Today we had a wonderful afternoon in Healdsburg and I took a lot of pictures. We went to a couple different wineries that a friend recommended and they were wonderful.

Our first stop was Quivira:

They had some wonderful wines, but our favorite was the Grenache.  We purchased a bottle and got 30% off with an inter winery discount!

Quivira is organic and biodynamic.  I don't know much about the biodynamic thing, but I think it has something to do with the stars and moon and other things of that nature.  Google it if you're interested.
Along with their great wine, they also had an amazing garden and farm area.




Our next stop was the Dry Creek General Store.  I've read about this place numerous times and have been wanting to try it for a while.  It's basically a deli that makes really good, albeit expensive, sandwiches. 

We enjoyed our lunch on a picnic table outside. 
Our final stop for the day was Ferrari Carano. This place was so fancy!  The grounds were amazing and wine was pretty good too.  They offered an inter winery discount too, but only on certain wines.  Our favorite one, the Home Ranch Cab, was not discountable, but we purchased it anyway. 

We had a wonderful time and plan on taking advantage of the inter winery discount again in the near future.  

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cutest Pillows Ever

When we went to Napa several weeks ago we found a store that had a bunch of cute items. Some of the cutest were dish towels and pillows from catstudio. I ended up purchasing a dish towel for my mom's birthday, but I recently checked out their website and really fell in love. If these weren't so pricey I would purchase the following pillows:

They have a Nevada pillow, but I don't feel any sort of connection to the entire state of Nevada so I'd definitely choose this one.

These are all hand stitched, thus explaining the hefty price tag. I don't think I'll ever be able to justify $149 for a pillow, but I'll continue to check the website in case they ever have a 75% off sale.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Where oh where have I been?

It's been almost a month since my last post! Well it's been a busy month to say the least.

First, I got a new job. It's a fabulous new job and I love it more than any job I've ever had. I'm working at a tasting room for a local winery. I'm managing the wine club, pouring wine for people, and learning as much as I can about the wine industry.

Soon after my new job started, we had another incident with Zulu (see here for first major incident). Jake decided to take Zu for a ride in his jeep one afternoon. He strapped her in with her harness and took off down Main St. Not too long after their ride began, Zulu decided to work her way out of the harness and tried to crawl out of the jeep, Marley and Me style. Jake reached down to grab her and ended up hitting a parked car. Luckily nobody was injured, but the car was totaled, Jake's jeep was damaged, and Zulu sat in a puddle of motor oil, thus staining her entire back end. One month and several baths later and she still looks ridiculous.

I also went on a trip to Texas this past month. I was there for 8 days and it was fabulous. I did normal things like shopping, eating, movies and just plain hanging out, but it was the most fun I've had in a long time. I miss my friends and family so much. I've tried to convince all of them to just move to California, but nobody took me up on the offer. I didn't really have much to offer them besides cooler temperatures and the ability to see me on a regular basis, but I would have thought that would be more than enough incentive ;)

The only downfall of my new job is that it requires me to work on the weekends. This means I'll probably have fewer fun adventures to post about on the blog, but I'll try to make my weekdays off a little more exciting.

Oh one thing before I start my chores for the day....

This is the trailer for the movie that was partially filmed in Kelseyville. The street that's shown at :13 in the trailer is Main Street. Sadly, most of the store fronts are deserted in real life and I think even more have closed since they filmed last year. Also, the Sheriff's Office is actually an abandoned building next to the tasting room. I'm curious to see if it will be shown at all in the movie.