Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Race Pictures

Thanks to Jill for sending me pictures from the race! If you'd like to see more click
here for pictures of Jake or here for pictures of me.

Here's a review of the race that I sent to a fellow running friend:

-It's a beautiful city so obviously they course was beautiful
-Wonderful running temps.
-Very nice finishers medal

-very few bathrooms along the course
-they had water stations at miles 2 and 3 but I didn't drink at those b/c it was so early, but then I had to wait until mile 7 until they had another station
-mile 11 and 12 were near the beach so I was running on a gravel/sand mixture that was very uncomfortable

Overall it was a good race and I probably would have enjoyed it a lot more had it not been for the stomach issues. However, based on the $70 entry fee I feel like they could have provided a lot more than they did so if you want to run a race in San Fran I would recommend the Nike Marathon/ 1/2 Marathon. I've never done it before but I know people that have and they liked it. Plus, it's sponsored by Nike so I'm sure they don't skimp on stuff like bathrooms and water ;)

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Anonymous said...

Kudos to you both!!!!!