Sunday, November 15, 2009

What we've been up to:

Last weekend Jake pruned the grapes and we made a wreath. If there was a craft store nearby then the wreath would be cute and decorated, but for now it remains a circle of branches.

Jake is pretending to be a horse in this picture

We've also been busy babysitting this little fur ball the past few days.

Her and Sydney are finally learning to tolerate each other. The first few days were kind of rough though. It definitely made me realize that I don't want another cat right now. I feel guilty when I'm loving on Eileen and Sydney looks at me with sad eyes that say "Is she your favorite now?" I just can't handle it. It was fun to have her as a guest though. She will be staying with us for several weeks over the summer when Jake's parents are out of town.

It's starting to get very cold at night here in Kelseyville and our Snuggies have come in very handy. I highly recommend these things. I know they look silly, but they keep you warm and keep your hands free to change the channel or pet the cat!

The other night I was saying how I wished there was a way to tie it in the back so that I could walk around with it on. The next night when I was doing the dishes Jake said that he had a surprise for me, but that I couldn't have it until I was done with the dishes (I realize this sounds ridiculous like Jake was forcing me to do the dishes, but he really wasn't). Anway, I finished the dishes and Jake went to the closet to get something. He comes out with his hand closed and tells me to put on my Snuggie, then he opened his hand to reveal a safety pin to keep my Snuggie closed!! He's so thoughtful :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I be so jealous. Your own vineyard and craft accessory business wrapped into one.

Now I know where I can score me a wreath. ;)

Thanks for the pics. I loved them all.