Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jake is OLD ;)

Jake turns 26 today!! It was an extra exciting b-day for me because it was my first time to shop in the "husband" card section. Actually, I think I got him a "husband" card a few years ago because it had a cute picture of a cat and a dog on it, but this was the first legitimate one. He's away at a Raider's game today so we celebrated with his family last night. Here are the pictures:

I sent Jake away to the office so I could decorate.

Always up to no good.

Sydney thinks it's her birthday and that she should get all the attention.

New flight bag!

Jenna cracks me up.

I was laughing really hard when this picture was taken.

Jake's favorite present. I'm making that up, but I'm sure he'd agree.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like 2MUCH FUN!!!

I love seeing the pics of the family. Got a chuckle out of all of 'em. :)))))

Mom #1,#2