Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Syd's New Habit & Zu's Seat Belt

Unattended drinking glasses are not safe in this house. Sydney has taken to drinking out of any that are left behind. If it weren't so cute, then I would be highly irritated that I have to use several new glasses a day now.

mmm...I'm so thirsty. That silly puppy drinks all of my water so I must do whatever it takes to survive.

What? I shouldn't be drinking out of your glass?

We recently invested in a puppy seat belt for Zulu. She can now cruise around safely and in style.
Yippee! Dad is taking me for a drive!

Little does he know...I'm going to pee in the seat before we make it back home! Hehehe

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M3 said...

I don't know whose the cuter of the two? It's obvious, they're related. ;)