Friday, April 2, 2010

I was fooled!

Last night Jake and I were leaving to go do some stuff at the office. I was sitting in the car while Jake was locking the front door, but then he realized he "forgot" something and went back inside. He came back to the car with a smirk on his face and I asked what was so funny. He said "nothing, I was just thinking of something." That's when I knew that I'd have an April Fools surprise when I got home. I left the office and got home a little before 9 (totally forgetting that he'd been up to something). I went straight for the kitchen to clean it up. I turned on the sink and there it was. He'd taped the spray nozzle to itself, thus resulting in me getting soaking wet after turning on the water. I called him immediately and said "man, I'm all wet!" He laughed and said he'd been planning this joke for 3 months. He saw an episode of America's Funniest Home Videos where someone had pulled the same prank. To be honest, I'm shocked he was able to wait three months. I will get revenge though. Some way, some how. And I'm not waiting until 4/1/11. So thanks to America's Funniest Home Videos and the Brown family that instilled such prankster characteristics in all of their children, I was left with a soaking wet shirt at 9:00 at night (already sick with a cold) and just wanting to get the dishes done. Since we're on the subject of pranks, I think I should share some of the good ones from our college days.

*OSU had two main streets running through the campus. One was blocked off by gates during the day so that only buses could get through. Jake was an OSU bus driver for a few months and found out the code for the gates. He and his roommate went to Wal mart, purchased a garage door opener, programmed it with the code and then we had a wonderful time opening and closing the gates on unsuspecting motorists.

*One afternoon we were all driving around and his roommate needed to drop something off for one of his classes. I thought it would be funny to drive off while he was inside so that he'd have to walk home (it was not very far at all). His roommate was not as amused. A couple of days later I walked into my room to find my mattress missing.

*Oh, I just thought of a good post college one in Las Vegas (still involving Jake and his roommate). One of their friends at work was complaining that his wife wanted the dead Christmas tree removed from their house so they tried to take it to a designated place to drop off old trees. They couldn't find the place though so they dumped in in the desert. A few days later we were driving around and found another tree that was dumped in the desert and picked it up and then dropped it off on their friend's front porch.

*Another fun activity to do in Las Vegas was to walk the strip and play the foot game. This involves one person kneeling down every so often in a big crowd and touching the feet of other pedestrians. The rest of the group stays behind and are able to see the expressions of the people. As I type it I realize it sounds ridiculous, but it was actually very entertaining. I was never the foot toucher because I was too scared.

Good times, good times.


Margie said...

I am surprised he held onto that 'idea' for as long as he did. ;)

Oh, and the things a mother NEVER knows about until AFTER the fact............hmmmmmmmmmm?????



Brittany Ann said...

Teehee! Too funny!

milTAY said...

and april fools is whip's birthday!
he would be 10 this year!