Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I don't mean to brag, but I really have the 2 best moms in the world. They love me unconditionally and spoil me in every way possible.
To my mom that gave me life and raised me to be the person I am:
Thank you for always being there when I need you.
Thank you for giving me the shirt (or dress) off your back because, even though you bought it for yourself, you'd rather see me where it ;)
Thank you for always making me feel provided for. I was never cold or hungry growing up and even as an adult I know that I'll never be cold or hungry because you love me too much to let that happen.
Thank you for making me feel like you live next door instead of half way across the country.
Thank you for raising me to be independent enough to live half way across the country from you and still survive.
Thank you for loving me the way that you do.
To my other mom that treats me like one of her own (actually better than her own):
Thank you for raising the man of my dreams.
Thank you for always having way too much food at your house and for giving us enough to feed an army.
Thank you for adopting "special" animals that other people might not want. It shows what a big heart you have.
Thank you for welcoming my entire family into yours. They all love you just as much as I do.
Thank you for treating me like a daughter since the first time I met you. I only married Jake so that I could be in your family. Okay...not really, but it was definitely on the "pro" side of my pro/con list for getting married.
Thank you for loving me the way that you do.

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Margie said...

Thank you for being my daughter, for loving me unconditionally, and for always being there when I needed you.

P.S. And thank you for giving me my son. You are both gifts beyond measure.