Monday, May 10, 2010

What I've Been Reading

I keep forgetting to write about all the good books I've read lately. They've all been very different, but all very entertaining as well. Let's start with one that all girls my age should read:

Oh how it took me back to the good old days. All the characters were just how I remembered them, but some small details were updated to keep with the current times. It was such a quick read. I think it took me a total of 2 hours, maybe less. I really need the author to write some "where are they now" books. One for each character would be great. Can someone pass this idea along to Ann? Thanks.

This girl cracks me up. I watch her show quite often, but her books are even funnier. They do have some crude humor though so I wouldn't recommend them for any grandmas out there. Each chapter is a funny little anecdote from her life. I'd love to see one of her stand up routines. Maybe I'll look into that as soon as I finish typing this blog.

This is the one my sister sent me after I read Me Talk Pretty One Day. I just realized I downloaded a picture of the audio book version, but I swear I actually read the book. I bet it's even funnier though with David and his sister reading it. It was a lot like Me Talk Pretty, but I'm really amazed how how many ridiculous stories this guy has to tell. Sister, I'm ready for the next one. Mom can mail it to me with some cookies ;) Oh, speaking of that...FYI to anyone who mails things, did you know you get an awesome discount if you mail a package with a book? It takes a long time to get to its destination, but it's worth it (unless you're mailing cookies).

I just happened to come across this book one day in the small collection we have. Jake purchased it a long time ago, but only got a few pages into it. I'll admit that it was hard to really get into it, but once I did I couldn't put it down. And the ending really has a twist that will get you thinking! I highly recommend this one if you're able to get past the somewhat boring beginning. It's about a boy who's family is moving to Canada from India (I think). They have a zoo, but have sold all the animals and have the intention of dropping them off at their new locations while in route to Canada. The ship they're traveling on sinks and a young boy is left to survive with a few remaining creatures. It's pretty intense and very depressing at times, but well worth the read.

I'm currently working on Edgar Sawtelle. I'm only about 1/2 way done, but really loving it. I'll let you know how it turns out!

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Margie said...

Life of Pi, was one of Fran's most favorite books. She always told me, "Marge, read the book!" I knew that if she had enjoyed it, I would too.

I'm getting excited about my adventures with, Huckleberry Finn, and his friend, Tom Sawyer. In less than six weeks my best bud and I will delve into the lives of these two.

I'm so happy you and M2 enjoy reading. It makes me smile. :)