Sunday, May 30, 2010

Salvation Army Finds

I went to the Army yesterday and loaded up on lots of fun things. All of the clothing was 50% off again (I think it must be a Saturday thing) so each piece was only $4 or $5. The collectibles were also half off as long as the item was under $20, and all of mine were, so I cleaned up.

This juice thing was only 99 cents! It's actually pretty small so I'll probably never put juice in it, but I think it will make a cute vase.

Jake thinks I'm an old woman for collecting plates, but I've seen them on a lot of decorating blogs lately and I think they're so cute. I'm going to wait until I have a couple more before I hang them. The little ones with the yellow trim were made in Italy! I think that makes them extra cool.

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Margie said...

I am so jealous. Those plates are WONDERFUL!

(Jake, tell her, "They have to go!"...then take them, box them up and ship them to me.)

Megan, my grandmother had a juice set that matches that pitcher. There are juice glasses that match that decanter, and if you have an original, you have something extra, extra special.

I am on the next bus out of here. Look for me at the Salvation Army. Oh, but wait a day or so. I need to rent a trailer at the nearest, U-Haul.


Super good finds!!!!