Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yosemite Trip: Part 2

On Saturday we all headed out for a hike along the Hetch Hetchy. I'll let the pictures explain the awesomeness of the hike.

It was a pretty intense hike and we were all very tired by the time it was over. Jake and I didn't let that slow us down though. Shortly after we arrived back to the lodge we rented some bicycles and took off in search of some more beautiful sites.

Jake had an accident. He's blaming it on the seat being wet, but I'm not buying it.

The path we took was all downhill so you can imagine what it was like once we turned around and headed back. We were exhausted. Once we made it back we rested for a while and then headed to the nightly s'mores shindig that the lodge hosted. They had a guitar player/singer and lots of s'more supplies. We met a girl that works there that happened to have graduated from OSU the same year that we did. It's a small world. Also, the tour guide we had the next day was from the Oklahoma City area so that was cool too.

After the campfire shindig Jake and I headed to the rec room and played Trivial Pursuit-90's Edition. Actually we just read the cards to each other to see if we could answer any questions. That game is difficult. Also, I was too preoccupied with the wedding reception going on outside to really focus on the game. It was beautiful and it made we want to have our wedding all over again.

The next day was filled with an 8 hour guided tour of the park. Check back tomorrow for that!

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Margie said...


I'm very proud of the person that stood still and photographed, Mr. Slithers, the snake. Does anyone know what 'brand' he/she was? Also, what type of lizard is that? Oh the wildlife, the wildlife!

Yosemite is everything and MORE than I imagined. I'm so glad you had the opportunity. And, meeting Oklahoma folks, to boot; you guys must me living right.