Sunday, August 30, 2009

Small town living update....

Here's a list of fun things we've been up to lately:

*Rachyl's wedding in Napa was so much fun! It was so beautiful and the vows they said to one another were about the sweetest things I've ever heard.
*Concert in the park in Lakeport-occurs on Friday evenings during the summer. The one I went to was the last one for the summer though.
*Street Dance in Kelseyville-they have these every Thursday during the summer. Basically a band plays on main street and a few people dance, but others sit on the sidewalk and watch. It's mostly a social event where people just hang out and visit with one another. This past one was also the last one of the summer.
*Tobey Keith concert-The Lost Boys opened for him (the band I've mentioned in previous posts) and our friends gave us some tickets. The Lost Boys were awesome and Toby Keith was pretty good too. I'm not a huge fan, but he actually puts on a pretty good show. We planned on leaving early, but I was trying to hold out for "Should Have Been a Cowboy". We got tired though and left before he played it. Luckily, we heard it as we were walking to the car and stopped to dance. The song reminds me of OSU b/c they play it after every home game.
*Farmer's Market-every Saturday morning during the summer/fall people set up their booths outside of a nearby winery. We went to search for flowers, but they didn't have any :( So we settled for some produce.

That's pretty much it. The job search has slowed down a bit because I've hand delivered my resume to just about every place in the county and I'm running out of options. I'm hoping that something comes up though once school starts (Sept. 8th). One winery told me they have a few teachers that have been working part time so hopefully I can take one of their spots if a full time position isn't available. I'll keep you posted!

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Anonymous said...

Kelseyville sounds like such a charming place. I can't wait to visit. :)