Monday, May 9, 2011

Menu Monday

I totally skipped last week's Menu Monday because it was even more pathetic than the week before. In my defense though, I was out of town the first couple of days and then the weekend was spent eating out a lot to celebrate my b-day. This week wasn't a vast improvement, but I did actually make it into the kitchen a couple of times so I thought I would share....

Jole in Calistoga

Pizza at Grandma and Papa's

Salad-this week's Blazing Burner meal

Pasta and zucchini

Taco Bell

"Chicken" on spinach (and other veggies) with homemade honey mustard dressing

TBD-I'm typing this on Saturday night

This next one was from last week. It might have been the only meal I actually cooked...
And it consisted of a lot of vegetables that were about to go bad + vegan Parmesan cheese

1 comment:

M3 said...

is 'chicken' a tofu fake-out, or is it real, as in, cluck-cluck?

Is that asparagus on that dish? Can I have some, please?

You can keep the Taco Bell, but please drive me though the In-Out Burger. ;)

Oh...reminds me, Frisco and Allen are getting two of those. a