Thursday, May 19, 2011

Before and After

Zulu had her first haircut today. I'm not exactly thrilled with the results. She looks like a an entirely different dog. I'm glad that she can see now (her fur was impeding her eye site), but I wish she didn't look so much like a poodle! I miss her shaggy little face. I think I'll warm up to it a little more once she de-poofs. She's EXTRA poofy from the hair dryer. She's still adorable and she smells very pretty, but next time I think we're going to specify that they just clip the fur around her eyes and maybe let her air dry a little bit. Time for the reveal....


Mom, where did you throw my stick? I can't find it!


Mom! I found it!!

Nom, nom, nom...yummy!

I'm still cute! You know you love me!

Okay, so she really does look adorable in this picture, but I think she looks much different in real life. Come back shaggy face, come back!

1 comment:

M3 said...

My granddaughter is cute whether she is spiffed-up or simply au-naturel.
She's our keeper. :)