Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Name Change

Tonight Jacob and I enjoyed a wonderful meal at Chili's. We had this appetizer called Texas Cheese Fries. They were very delicious so you should go have some right now. They're low fat too! Haha, not really.
Anyway, while at dinner we were talking about name changes and all the work that goes into it. I haven't actually researched it, but I'm assuming there are several things to take care of...SSN, bank account, work related stuff, drivers license, etc. And since there are so many things, we (well I guess "I" is the better word since he doesn't have to change anything) are contemplating getting the process started in the near future. Does this sound logical or just weird? I think it's logical for several reasons. 1.) You don't even need to be married to change your name 2.) We're going to get our marriage license in Las Vegas anyway (to avoid needing a blood test) so we'll be legally married well before the ceremony and 3.) my drivers license picture is RIDICULOUS and I could use a good reason to get a new one. Seriously, worst picture in the world, even strangers comment on how bad it is. I'm not joking.

So...thoughts? Objections?


Mum said...

What does J. want?

The two of you make this decision. Don't base it upon a photo, a blood test, or someone elses opinion.

Just keep the rest of us in the loop so we can plan accordingly.

Mum #1,#2

Adrienne said...

I don't think it would be a big deal if you changed your name ahead of time, especially if you would be legally married anyway. Just be sure that the name on your passport agrees with the name on your plane ticket for your honeymoon!! : )

LauraAnn said...

I don't think that is illogical or weird! I think it is very smart since you will be so busy and worn out after the wedding. If you have the time to do it before I think it is a great idea.

And I didn't even know that you could change your name before you were married but it makes sense! Thanks!

Mallory said...

(on the drivers license)
at least you weren't told by someone you once dated


CaryS said...

I guess I'm old-fashioned. I think you should wait until AFTER the wedding. Its a hassle(though not THAT big a deal), no matter when you do it, so why do it before you have to? You should be doing FUN stuff now.

I got married the week after the semester of college started, so I went to the first week and answered to my maiden name when they called roll and then the second week (it was after Labor Day, a long weekend at least), I had to say "I got married over the weekend, so its "Siegfried" now. I got some odd (who gets married over the weekend?) looks.

christina said...

ahaha thats awesome Mom. I totally would have thought you were weird.

I'm with my Mom I'd say wait, just in case you want to pull a run away bride, hehe jk.

Well whatever your name is I'm not putting Megan Hoberg on your invites. Don't want people thinking you're marrying your first cousin or something. Hehe.

megankl said...

Haha, that would be gross Siggy! And good point about still having the option to run away. I DO need to keep my options open ;)