Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue

I'm not one for following all the wedding traditions, but for some reason I feel like this is one I must fulfill. However, I'm at a loss as to how I accomplish it. Obviously I have the "new" part down with the dress. But I have a question about the "old". Does it have to be "old" old or just something that's not new? For instance, I'm going to be wearing my string of pearls on the big day. This has a cute side story....growing up, for every holiday and b-day, my grandma would give us each a pearl to put on our necklace, and then for my 16th b-day she finished off the strand. They are BEAUTIFUL and I wear them to work all the time (it's amazing how they make casual clothes look fancy). But anyway....the first pearl is technically like 25 yrs old. Is that old enough? And then there's the something happens to be the one color that's not very prominent in our color explosion of a wedding so I don't want the "something" to be really extreme. Any ideas for this? My garter is already purchased and not blue and my shoes are going to be green flip flops so those two ideas are out. My eyes are blue, maybe that counts. AND I also need to borrow something? What do people borrow that's not jewelry related? Does anyone have a perfect old, blue item that I could borrow? Cause that would be great.


Adrienne said...

Your pearl necklace would be perfect for your something old, that is such a sweet story! Your something blue can be hidden under your dress {think lingerie/panties, or an Etsy dress tag with your name embroidered in blue} or it can be as simple as an embroidered hankie that you carry with you. Your something borrowed does not have to be jewelry, but it should be from a woman who has had a sucessful marriage {to pass the good luck onto you}. Hope this helps!

LauraAnn said...

Your strand of pearls definitely constitutes something old and has great meaning behind it! As far as something blue you could always purchase the Victoria Secret bride panties (they have a blue bow and rhinestones) or purchase a dress tag from Etsy that is in blue. Something borrowed- I am clueless other than jewelry! I am still working on my something borrowed! Good luck!