Wednesday, December 3, 2008

First Post

I've decided to start a blog. Yay! I've become a blog stalker lately so I thought I'd give into the trend and start my own. I encourage everyone to start one (if you haven't already) so that I'll have something to read.

As for a life update:
Nothing too exciting going on. Jake has been busy at work and I've been busy trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up. Actually, I think I have an idea, but there aren't many job openings w/ the economy in shambles so for now I'll slave away in my cubicle doing the same thing over and over. A boring job is better than no job!

Jake and I will be pretty busy the next few weeks so hopefully I'll have interesting things to write about.
  • This weekend my grandma will be in town to watch my half marathon
  • My family will be in town from the 14th-17th
  • Jake leaves for Nor Cal on the 19th
  • I'm hosting a Christmas slumber party for 3 of my favorite people on the 20th
  • I leave to join Jake for x-mas on the 24th
  • Jake's dad is coming the first week in January to go to a ZZ Top concert with him
I'm sure I'll be exhausted around the middle of January, but I'm excited to have lots of family/friend time. Speaking of friends/family, I'll be in g-vine Feb. 26th-March 1st to run the Cowtown Marathon. I expect lots of supporters to be there w/ signs/pom poms/megaphones (Emily and I are going to needs lots of encouragement in order to survive 26.2 miles). Well, that's all for now, time to start cleaning and getting ready for visit number 1.

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Megs Mum said...

I LOVE your blog! Having access to 'instant' news and photo ops will be so much fun and you can teach me how to blog.

You and Jacob are very busy this month; and to think, some of us didn't even ask, we just planned our visits and expected you to be ready for us. Family, can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. ;)

I'm busy with a fruitcake this afternoon. The smell of brandy charged me out of the room. The animals will now have nothing to do with me. (I've got new baking papers that I want to try, and if all works well I'll bring you a sample).

Again, I LOVE your blog! Tell Jacob his name is on it too, and I'll be looking for him to write a bit.

The countdown is on and I am so excited.....:)