Friday, October 9, 2009

Sorry for the delay...again!

Ok, let's move on to the getting ready part. Since my friends and family were setting everything up, I had plenty of time to do nothing all day. I started my day with a short run, cleaned up around the house, and then hung out with Nick (bridesmaid's boyfriend) until around lunch time. It was actually a very normal day and I don't remember feeling nervous or anxious at all. The girls started to arrive around 2 or 3 and we started to get ready. Aunt Terri and cousin Adair came over to make us look pretty. I am so grateful they were there because I don't know how to do anything with my hair besides pull it back or straighten it. Here are a few pictures from the wonderfully talented Sara Gillespie. Request to be her friend on facebook and see all of her awesome photo albums.

The following picture is not by Sara, but had to be added because I think it's going to be a crowd favorite. Let me preface the picture by saying that all of my bridesmaids are naturally gorgeous so it didn't take everyone long to get ready. We actually had a long time before our rides to the wedding arrived and I noticed a mess on the floor and thought I better sweep it up. Not many brides have a picture like this on their wedding day:

Let's not forget about the boys!! Here are some pictures of them:

You might be wondering what the deal is with the Butterfingers. Let me explain....several years ago (when Jake was younger and not quiet as mature) he explained to me that getting married was like having a Butterfinger every day for the rest of your life. It would be fine at first, but then you'd get tired of it. Well, I thought it would be funny to send a Costco size box of Butterfingers to him while he was getting ready. I LOVE that they took pictures with them!

That's all for now. I might wait until I get more pictures from Sara before I post more recaps. We'll see....


Desiree Stiles said...

You looked so pretty. I love the butterfinger thing, thats something to tell your grandkids one day. I hope you guys are having a great time being married.

Megan said...

Thanks Desiree! We need to get together soon. Let me know when you're free :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE these! I'm so anxious to see the others. This day was so special, in so many ways. I can't even update my blog because I am speechless.
Seriously, I don't have a thing to say that could match the beauty of this day and the happiness we shared. My heart BEAMS!

Mom #1 & #2