Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy 6th Anniversary of Our First Date (aka Valentines Day)!

If you want to read about our first date again click here (it's the post from last year)!

Today we are driving to Sacramento to take care of something and my parents graciously offered to get us a hotel room with my dad's reward points. Most people wouldn't be too thrilled about a night in Sacramento, but I'm really excited. We're staying near Old Sacramento so we'll be able to walk around and do fun things. We're also going to try to go to a couple of places that have been on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. The other day I was bored and looked up all of the places that the host has been to in Northern California. There are a little over 20. I'm determined to visit all of them at some point.

Yesterday I had a wonderful surprise at work. An older couple walked in with a huge display of roses and I immediately thought "Oh, they must be for Pam (my boss)." Then they asked if I was Megan and they said the flowers were for me. I honestly thought "who sent me these?" After reading the sweet card it became quite clear. It said "Happy 1st date anniversary. I wish we could go to Kilkenny's and sit next to each other."

The reason I was so surprised though was because on Wednesday I got a call from Jake when he was on his way home from Costco and he said he had three surprises for me. He told me one of them was a box of Brita filters so I wasn't too excited about the rest, but then he walked through the door with flowers and a microwave! I was so shocked by the roses because I wasn't expecting to receive flowers twice in one week!

The microwave is a dream come true. We've been without one for about 6 months now (since we moved out here). You don't realize how useful they are until you're without one. This one is super snazzy too. I've said it several times, but I'll say it again. I'm a very lucky girl.