Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Adventure: Day 1

We took off for the coast around noon on Friday. We were headed to Point Arena to stay at the Warfmaster's Inn. Some family friends gave us a free night stay as a wedding gift and we were so excited to be able to use it. Since Fort Bragg is only about an hour away from Point Arena we wanted to choose a weekend to use it when we knew Jake's grandma would be at her beach house so we could visit with her. We arrived in Point Arena around 2:30 and headed straight for the lighthouse. We'd researched it online and found out that they offer tours. Unfortunately it was closed when we arrived. It was also gated off so that you couldn't go all the way up to the lighthouse. We still look pictures though. Please excuse my weird face. It was very cold and windy.

After our failed lighthouse mission we made our way to the Inn. Here are some pictures of the room and the amazing view we had.

After we unloaded our belongings we headed out to explore the town of Point Arena. It's a very tiny town, but we found some really cute things. One was this little bakery that was super super tiny, but had some of the cutest things and delicious looking baked goods. I bought a heart shaped macaroon. We also went to the library and purchased three books that cost us only $4!

After our trip down main street we set off on a drive and made it to the next town over, Gualala. We found a restaurant there and had dinner. We weren't totally impressed by the restaurant, but I loved how the butter was served (it's in an oyster shell).

On our way back to Point Arena we were able to catch an amazing sunset.

We fell asleep pretty much the second we got back to the hotel. It's a good thing though because Saturday was packed full of fun things too. Check back later for Day 2!

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Margie said...

Beautiful post...every bit of it! I actually got tears in my eyes when I saw, Franny's Cup & Saucer. (Thanks so much for that photo, it is extra special for some reason...)

Looking forward to part 2.

I'm so glad you two had the chance to get away for a special weekend.