Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Adventure: Day 2

We started our Saturday morning off with another trip to the lighthouse. I'm so glad we decided to give it another shot because it was such a neat experience. We were some of the first people there so we got a private tour of the fog house and the history of the lighthouse and then another couple joined us for the trip up the tower.

This is the light that was in the tower until about a year ago. It now has some tiny digital light that's actually on the outside of the tower.

The original tower was damaged in the 1906 earthquake. They demolished it and then found this in the ocean years later.

The tower is normally white, but it's been sand blasted so they can give it a new coat of paint.

After our tour we made our way up the coast to the town of Mendocino. It is such an adorable little town filled with cute shops and restaurants. We ate at a little deli and then strolled the town for a couple hours.

I put this on when Jake wasn't watching and then walked around the corner and said "Can I borrow one of your shirts?" and then we laughed and laughed. I make fun of him all the time because his work shirts always have flags on them and they remind me of astronaut suits.

Puppet show time! I really shouldn't be allowed in toy stores.

This was the neatest little kaleidoscope store. It had some of the coolest ones I've ever seen. I didn't take a picture inside though because the man working inside seemed grumpy.

This store reminded me of my mom. She would love this place.

This was just one of the many bed and breakfast places.

Next, we headed a little further up the coast to Fort Bragg. Our first stop was Mendocino Chocolate Factory. We ate our little snack in the car and then headed closer into town and walked around the cute antique and book stores. I found a honey pot at one of the antique stores! I'll post pictures of that later. After our stroll around town we headed for Jake's grandma's house. We visited with her for a while and then went to dinner in Noyo Harbor at a place called Heron's By the Sea. We'd actually been there to dinner with her a few years ago and we remembered it was good so we decided to go back. Now, I remember it being good, but this time it was AMAZING. Jake and I both got the grilled salmon and it was absolutely the best salmon I've ever had in my life. It was covered in some sort of orange glaze sauce that was out of this world. My mouth is watering as I type this. We were able to catch another beautiful sunset while at dinner. The following pictures are from the patio of the restaurant.

We headed back to grandma's house after dinner, watched some Olympics and then headed to bed. Stay tuned for Day:3!!!

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Margie said...

Such a beautiful post!!! I love the photo of the stairs; that is very artsy!

I hope I get a chance to visit this area one day. It is amazing!