Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Weekend Adventure: Day 3

On Saturday, while at lunch in Mendocino, we were flipping through some "things to do in the Mendocino area" type magazines and we came across an ad for a redwood tree that you can drive through. This has been a dream of Jake's for some time now so we decided that we'd take on another little adventure on Sunday. We traveled up the coast a little ways from Fort Bragg and then headed inland towards Humboldt county. Our first stop was THE drive-thru tree. We could hardly contain our excitement.

Sorry about the blurriness. Obviously I was too excited to take a decent picture.

Jake went through again so I could take his picture.

We headed north again after the drive thru tree and were in route for the Avenue of Giants.

We came across this weird attraction called Confusion Hill that Jake was scared of so we took pictures and left. They had a couple of things that you could pay to do, but it wasn't really that appealing.

We then moved along to find the coolest house ever! It's made out of one log!

We then stumbled across the Chimney Tree. It was hollow on the inside, but was really dark so the pictures didn't turn out great.

Then the real beauty began as we got deep into the forest. So many beautiful trees.

We kept driving and driving and then we came across another drive thru tree!

And then we drove some more. The next pictures are from the place were we decided we wouldn't go any further. Our last mission was to find the founders tree. It took some searching, but we finally "found" it. Jake was really excited about this too.

The end! It was a great weekend and I can't believe we were only gone 2.5 days. I hope we can take some more trips like this in the near future.

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Margie said...

What a beautiful journey the two of you had. I hope you can have many more of them, too!

I love the pics. I'll be revisiting your posts just to take it all in again.