Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Olive Festival And Other Stuff

On Sunday we went to the first ever Kelseyville Olive Festival. You can't really tell by the pictures, but there was a huge turnout! Luckily it was so close that we could walk because otherwise I don't know where we would have parked. There were several booths set up to taste olive oil, wine, food, and other things. There was also a huge BBQ area and an olive seed spitting contest. Go here to read more about the olive oil making process and other stuff about the festival. Oddly enough, there weren't any actual olives for sale at this thing. Like I said, they had a lot of olive oil and they even had olive trees for sale, but no actual olives. Weird.

I picked this up for my mom. She's a baker so I'm sure she can use another apron. The cat doesn't understand why I'm taking a picture of an apron.

These are the goodies we picked up for ourselves. Two bottles of olive oil, some focaccia bread, and some FREE jalapeno jelly.

After the festival we decided to go to Highland Springs lake. It's a mini lake that's kind of hidden away. You can't take motorized boats on it so the whole place is really peaceful and quiet. Before we went to the lake though we stopped by K-mart to pick up a Frisbee and one of those toys that comes with 2 round Velcro disks and a fuzzy tennis ball. You're supposed to catch the fuzzy ball on the disk. Anyone remember these? It's way easier than playing catch with a ball and glove.

Jake played the whole time with this little flower in his hair. He's special like that.

And then he had a Frisbee baby.

Here's an action shot of me throwing the Frisbee. Turns out that I'm not the best Frisbee player. We still had fun though.

It was a wonderful Sunday and totally made up for the fact that I was working at the furniture store all day on Saturday.

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Margie said...

I LOVE the apron! Oh, and you KNOW how much I LOVE getting photo's. :)